Race of Royals Part 2

After an early setback with a giant serpent, Lord Hishth was finally making progress in the race. With no one in front and everyone behind, he still liked his odds of winning. The Dukedom would be his. But fate isn't always kind to those with hubris. Difficult obstacles, dangerous predators, and unknown threats still stood between him and the finish line. Could he make it on his own or was the family's oldest servant, Assil, correct when he told Lord Histh he would have to cooperate with others to complete this challenge. All of these posed enormous threats to a commander as great as he.

The Onyalum Wars blog and podcast is published by author NB VanYoos. To read the original story for this podcast, visit the blog at http://www.onyalumwars.com. For more information on the author or the Onyalum Series novels visit http://www.onyalum.com.

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